MakeMake curse screen time,
my dad's girlfriend has a daughter.

9 years.
no screen time.
Always on animal jam (dangerous, MUCH older, creepier men could be on there.) , Lazy, Probably talks trash about us all.
Oh she's responsibal so she getz to watcc teevee :D
(also has an army of shelves to put her stuff on she collects lol dolls and beanies.)
(almost always in bed, but at least i'm drawing art in bed.)

13 year old boy. (me)
g o t o b e d y o u t r o u b l e m a k i n g s c u m ! !
(still has boxes of unpacked stuff, two small shelves, one's just a utility shelf with totes on it.)
(Dad's gf forcefully installed ios 12 on tablet, got into it without asking, just for screen time. (creepy))

Two babies.
Is this where the "scapegoat" role starts developing?
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