Gman 101 By Gman 101, Oct 2, 2008 8 0

  • Oh. My. God. It's finally that time of the year, when it's 33 degrees in SPRINGTIME! OH YEAH BABY!

    So now I'm going to the beach with my friends today and we're gonna go make stupid skits and see if my friend can pick up any chicks. Hey that rhymes.... anyway... afterwards we're gonna be the Asians we are and we're gonna go to a net cafe, then I'm gonna go see the girl I like. Damn today's a good day...

    Any suggestions for what we could do in our skit(s)?


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  • Jax
  • Orc
  • The Worst
  • Jax
  • Orc
  • Gman 101
  • X D D X
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