Archerite When I have added a new feature of fixed a bug in Batterycheck I can test for the Wii and Gamecube in an emulator using the real controllers through an adapter and Bluetooth. For the 3DS, PSP and Linux I just used my keyboard and had to remember the different key assignments which were not the exact same between them! Since I have recently bought a PlayStation Classic and the controllers it came with have an actual USB connector I thought it would be cool to use them on the PC in the Linux version.

It took me only a couple of hours to add support for it and the best part is that if the orignal game is running side by side and I press jump...the action runs in both at the same time!! This will make it so much easier to see if I have implement certain features correctly, and I have already fixed the speed of the jumps and walking while working on it. The button mapping is currently fixed to the PlayStation Classic Controller but I do plan on adding this in a config file later. And thanks to the GLFW library I am using for creating a window and reading the joystick inputs this will eventually also work on MacOS and Windows...some day ;)


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