• WIth all the crazy stuff going on and very limited time to do any hobby work....I still want to sneak in some dev time for BatteryCheck again!! My first priority though is getting a list of features that would even be considered deserving a new version. So here are a few things I have in mind but I am definitely open for more suggestions or ideas
    • Parallax moving backgrounds with the elevators and the chain moving very near the camera at certain points. While the movement for that is working for the most part, it only works on tile 0,0! The very upper left part of the level that you can not reach during normal gameplay. The way the backgrounds work to create the illusion of depth is by moving at a different speed than the player. Since the backgrounds are a lot smaller than the entire level itself the tiles used are repeated over and over. But to get this right a LOT of calculations need to be done to figure out where tiles are moving to at the current position.
    • What really needs to be in there before release is working battery holders!!! The animations related to that are kind of easy but for each machine a holder activates I need to write a bit of code to make it work. I might do the elevators first as their logic is quite simple for the movement. Each end of the elevator track has an end-stop indicating it should stop and go the other way. Some elevators only go up and down a number of times which is not that difficult to calculate either I think. It will bring even more life to the game and give the player more to do and not get bored after a while. :lol:
    • The "doors" and "stampers" that should block your way need to start acting like that. And their respective battery holder should activate them for all the parameters that are configured for it. Some go REALLY fast for example that even I can not get through 8-10 times, hahaha. Not that I am an pro player of the original game though :rofl:
    • Water should be damaging and give the player a bit of floating to escape it. If you can't escape your battery drains and you die...sinking to the bottom of the pool like a fish.
    • Some real effort to make the background music work on Wii and Gamecube! I am using libmikmod on the PC and 3DS that can play the native files used by BatteryCheck. Also for later when the game engine is used for Jazz Jackrabbit it can play ALL of the different formats! So it makes a lot of sense to port the libmikmod library myself since it's not included in Devkitpro.
    • Working intro and menu system. Not that it will be useful just yet to load a saved game but it will make it look more like the actual game, just like the stuff above.
    • Pause option!
    • Leaking green drops go to the floor and splash out. And damage when it hits you.
    • Moving enemies with very minimal AI: They will jump into your direction but I am not sure how difficult it will be to write the attack AI. Because it will need to freeze the player, take damage, and run an animation with A LOT off frames. It will be cool though when they work
    • Near the supper batteries are monitors with the end boss on them. In the original game his eyes will move into your direction... to freak you out! Should be really simple to do this.
    And the following bug fixes:
    • Alignment issues with battery pickups need to be fixed!
    • Sticky walls, glitchy 1px shaking, not jumping into -10px platforms.
    • Better movement of the player in general. He walks to fast and not aligned with the distance he travels. Same for jumping and nearly all other things he does.
    One other thing I have been looking into is making a Raspberry Pi release! I have tested it to run flawless on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ but at the time extracting the game files was imposible and something I really wanted to include. The plan is to make it a real .deb package that will auto install any dependencies required to run on the latest Raspbian. Maybe even separate versions for Rpi 2/3 and Rpi 4. The instructions to install it will of course be detailed like I have done for the Wii and 3DS already.

    Special thanks too @niuus for the awesome comment in this thread Best Homebrew Games? and redirecting my thoughts into BatteryCheck again. Thanks man! :yay:
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