• For days I have been trying to write a small tiny buffer into the SuperCard miniSD and the offical memory expansion pak from the opera browser. At the same time I have been searching for an emulator that supports the expanstion pack and desmume seems to support it but has hardcoded detection to enable only for the browser ROM. I might need to dive in and figure out a way to add a command line switch to enable it later, but since I can't even write a tiny 1024 byte buffer into it on real hardware what is the point right?

    Well, only a couple of minutes ago it hit me!!! OMG!!! I forgot to change the SLOT-2 owner to the ARM9 that is required on the DS to get access to the GBA address space!! I remembered it from my GBA rom validator app that I needed to do that! I feel so dumb now! :shy:

    That tiny 1024 byte buffer can't be anything special you might think, well it's only the palette for the image I posted yesterday but it's proof that it's finally working!! And it's not just the memory expansion pak that;s working but also both of my SuperCard mini SD cards that work now! This means my crazy idea to "stream" the ZIP file might not be required after all and I can just load it up entirely into the RAM on the SuperCard. When the expansion pack is used I might need to figure out another method to lower the memory requirements a bit. maybe just loading the 5MB block of setup.exe that I really need to read from has to be in RAM actually and I just translate the file offsets and stuff......sorry getting excited again and going into technical details!:D

    I'll keep it short this time, but just wanted to say the DLDI driver for the SuperCard still does not work if I first enable the SLOT-2 ownership unfortunately. But if RAM mode IS working on the GBA then I might be able to load a ROM from the SC menu and have it switch to RAM mode allowing it to use the extra RAM to unpack and convert the graphics into tiles and tilemaps ON the GBA itself! :D

    Going to test a few things now before this posts get's too long again. :lol:


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