• I've finally found a purpose for my Tinkerboard that works: my own personal Terraria server :D.

    I got a little pi case for it with a little fan, it's pretty cute.

    And here's my server rack where the server sits, next to my NAS. ;)

    I set up a script to regularly log the cpu/gpu temps as well, as I don't think the Tinkerboard has proper passive cooling or throttling.
    [email protected]:~$ cat ~/Desktop/tShock/poll_temp.sh
    touch $LOG
    while(true); do
            date -Iseconds >> $LOG
            echo -n "   Zone 0: " >> $LOG
            cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp >> $LOG
            echo -n "   Zone 1: " >> $LOG
            cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp >> $LOG
            echo >> $LOG
            #tail -n3 $LOG
            sleep 5
    [email protected]:~$

    I found that the fan only knocks off a few degrees, but that's better than nothing.
    Idling with the server open but nobody in it, it runs at about 32-40°C 21-40°C. When 1 person is in the server, it jumps to 40-52°C. I have yet to log temperature when 2 people are in it, though last time it ran flawlessly the entire time. It runs the same with 2 people :mthr:

    I wonder what else this red-headed step child of arm microcontrollers can do (successfully).


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