• Ever wondered what would happen if you pick a school for magic users, then begin throwing away all the rules and let anyone come in, from washed comedians to serial killers to characters from other licences ? And what would happen if someone wants to chronicle it all ?

    Title - Antsua School
    Chapters - 20 for parts I and II. Ongoing for part III.
    Language - French
    Status - Paused for archive digging and lack of motivation
    Date of writing - 2010-now

    Antsua School is a big project, based of my four years of play-by-posting in a forum with the same name (and now defunct due to conflicts between the higher-ups leading to a washout taking advantage of it to claim ownership and leaving it to rot). Basically, the idea is simple - You take a school, hidden by ancient magic in the middle of woods somewhere in Europe, with the entrypoints changing from time to time, and you attract magic users from all around the world to it, in order to let them study and master their own brand of magic. Since everyone and anyone is accepted, you can guess the extent of it, especially with only a few teachers to help around and an always-absent director.

    In Part I, the story follows the appearance of two new students - Izual Urashima (yeah, now you now where it comes from), prince of a dying kingdom who has been sent there for safety, and Viper Dragoon, a spear-wielding idiot wanting to improve his fighting skills and hearing he could find teachers and decent opponents there. They quickly meet already-present students, specializing into various movesets (from Fae magic to creature summoning to weapon enhancing to the weird art of inflicting pain by throwing bad puns and jokes), but the situation quickly becomes dangerous when another newcomer, Vincent Stormbringer, joins in with the intent of murdering everyone and the tools to do so.

    In Part II, and to help strengthen the students, the teachers plan for a tourmanent where everyone is allowed, even dangerous ones. Everyone has his own motives to enter - Desire to keep someone in check, will to grow even stronger, revenge, or simply attempts to go as far as possible and to see where it leads. But a certain individual's rise to power and open claim that his victory should be followed by the school's destruction forces some people to take their fights much more seriously than expected before.

    In Part III, things take an even more serious turn when a group bruteforce their entry to the school, armed with anti-magic modern technology and quickly taking control of the school while capturing certain students. And when the director surrenders to them for the safety of the remaining students in a badly accepted decision, a small group of individuals run away before the school is locked, with the intent of catching back to the attack force, understanding where it comes from, why they attacked the school and how to free the captured students.

    More parts are planned, and in fact, the whole structure of the story is already written, with it being made of 6 parts, thanks to an already happened story I wrote as it went. People grew, made bonds and built made-up families, before the rise of a new threat that happened right before the moment the higher-ups began clashing, so I decided to close the story at that point, but life took its toll and I was forced to stop writing for some time now. And while I need to work back on it if only to close the story, I can't find either the motivation or the time to do so.

    This one is notable to include another story inside the main one, considering Part III is based off a dropped out story by another player, who graciously gave me the rights to include it into mine and to modify it as I saw fit. No changes were needed as the story was very-well written, and it's a shame he couldn't conclude it, but it'd be a shame if I don't conclude it either, right ?

    Wish me luck in trying to motivate me to finish it~ !


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