• I don't condone piracy but I did use one website for reference fairly regularly to cross-reference what games were on what systems only because it was the quickest to find and had a grahical interface thaqt appealed to me. I found today it had gone dark over the past few weeks. So here is my hat off for a sire I have been using for months. I tried finding a more appropriate location for this news only to find, ater typing it, it was the wrong section, rather than out up with guff about it being a wrong section,
    I'm doing it here.
    If you heard it here first, then fine, if not, then you're not reading this and, you're really not here and should leave immediately.
    I did find it interesting to find that they were managed or owned by 1337, who apparently also owned/owns TPB I guess they mean...The Pelican Bate where ever that is... nudge nudge, ...The More You Know
    Have A Great One


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