• Took my awhile to convince myself to actually post this but so far only one person has been helping me through this. I decided that i may need the opinion of others to help so i decided to add yet another girl related issue to Gbatemp

    So over the past three months theres been this girl who I can't seem to stop thinking about. It all started when she decided to move closer to her friends in my 3rd Period Class. I noticed a small things about her thats rare in girls in at my school such as liking anime's, playing video games and the ability to actually use her head instead of complain to the teacher about how much work was given. Anyways we started talking in 3 period. She ask to use my book and what not and sometimes would let me copy her work if she see i hadn't actually done it. In 5th period Algebra i was moved to a seat next to her because my teacher said i was to busy talking to my friends. So we began to talk a lot more. We'd talk about the work i couldn't be much help though because i suck at algebra but she was really good at it. I notice the she would make me do work and actually learn it. by thanksgiving break i was sure that i Like her.

    After 5th period we wont talk again until the next day because of lunch and we both had a different set of friends. I got a Dsi the day we came back from break and the same day my supercard dsonei came. I went to school and started playing Pokemon Black. she would ask if she could play. her birthday was the 8 of December and i didn't get black and white as promised. All the way up to winter break my affinity for her grew stronger, I found myself becoming depressed because every chance i had to tell her something personal would be interrupted. She noticed this and after a while (maybe a week) turned to me and said She knows why, i didn't believe she did but she wouldn't tell me exactly what she knew. She would beat around the bush. All she said is that i was depressed cause i liked a girl. I couldn't get her to tell anything else. The first week back from Christmas break i had gotten an R4 and loaded White so that she could play it and told her it was a Christmas present/ late birthday present.

    My friend told me to write a note to tell her how i feel Which i always though was sort of a corny idea but after realizing that every chance i had to tell her got Fucked i decided to do it he is the only person who knows i like her. I would tell him stuff and he'll keep telling me she likes me back and that i was blind for not noticing it but i didn't really believe it. She also said she had a boyfriend and would brag about him, but what she told me about him and what she told others didn't add up and it lead me to believe that she actually didn't and was saying that to judge my reaction. Before Christmas break i had told her that one of her friends (who was also my friend) had been making fun of her.

    he some how got her to believe what he was saying sometime on Wednesday and had the situation turn on me. I noticed that she wouldn't talk to me as much as she used to even though she said she wasn't mad i could tell she was. I tried to tell her but i couldn't find a good enough wording to so i decided to give her the note, apologizing and telling her the true reason why i was all depressed. Tomorrow i go back to school and i have this bad feeling that the response i'm going to get is not going to be satisfactory. Any help, or suggestions is welcome :unsure:


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