• Today I revived an old hobby of mine: Playing around with old computers.

    Just recently I got a big beast; an old tower computer. (If anybody wants a picture of that thing I can upload one tomorrow.)

    I hooked the computer up on a monitor, connected a keyboard and after some unsatisfied beeping it booted the BIOS. K5 Processor 133Mhz, 32MB EDO-RAM, (dead) Dallas Clock Chip. Only one HDD connected with only about 200MB. The hard disk started spinning -- and stopped -- started again and stopped. A few times it did this and finally did nothing more.

    Sinchen: "What is wrong with the HDD? Now where is my screwdriver? Time to get that piece of sh.. data storage medium out of there!"

    Felt like a mallet on the head: (Pictures together 1.3MB)

    One missing screw, bent PCB and the power connector was just loosely pushed against the contacts.

    Seriously, what do people do with their things??

    Pictures of the RTC chip

    DS_12887A_1.JPG DS_12887A_2.JPG


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