Itzumi So heres what I've done since my rant about Oreo:
1. Somehow got night mode to show up (i dont know what i did, the qs icon just showed up i guess)
2. Disabled battery saver (wasnt useful anyway)
3. Made Island (app by oaisisfeng) device owner so I can freeze apps outside of work profile (aka the Island)
4. Bought Andromeda pluggin to use Substratum.
5. Did research to find my phone has (at least for now, who knows) a perma-locked bootloader. So no root.
6. ADB is my best friend now.

Most of my issues have gone away, but im still probably gonna try to get a new phone cause I could use a bit more processing power than the J7 V currently offers. Also root. cause root is cool.
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