• So, I just had this dream. I don't remember it all so I'll just write the parts I remember.
    I know this may seem like a joke, but this is a real dream.

    Some random NPC starts commentating on this confict these four Nintendo characters were having. Shortly after a Smash-like game begins, two players, Mario from Galaxy and Luigi from Luigi's Mansion, end up in this room with blue glass for the sake of a "gamemode." I was thinking in the dream you're supposed to stay in the room.
    Luigi inspects a wall, does the tapping thing when you inspect nothing like in Luigi's Mansion, and then walks into the wall but somehow clips through it. I felt like this was a TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) in the dream.
    Then, Mario from Galaxy appears. There is also an SMG1 HUD now.
    Mario starts jumping facing his back towards a wall near the blue glass.
    He does a kind of BLJ from SM64, and clips (goes through) through the wall and goes Out Of Bounds into the next "level."
    Now there's a Toad with a Flying Squirrel powerup which Mario (or Luigi, not sure) also has and they're collecting glitched coins with the icon of mushrooms.
    There was also a skybox from SMG1 in the background. Shortly after flying forward for some time, the credits roll.

    I also saw a screen with a 3DS that has crazy themes (Rainbow/multi colored, has squares everywhere, and sparks maybe?) and at the bottom of the 3DS's screen it says something like, "It's the new/next KARL!"
    The text scrolled from right to left, and was on the top-right portion of the bottom screen.
    The number "27" seemed very important somehow. (This is the browser version of 10.0)
    In the dream I was thinking of a CFW for 9.2+

    I sometimes have dreams of the future that come true so hopefully this one does, too, but then again Wii U TASing and 9.2+ CFW will happen eventually.

    I also remember there being a building with multiple empty showers. I was also naked.

    I woke up very excited, and hyped. Dreams rarely make me feel happy or excited, but it felt cool.

    I like it when dreams have a story, and characters of some sort.
    Sometimes those sorts of dreams make me wake up feeling like as if I watched a great movie.


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