I had braces for 3.5 years (was supposed a year and a half).

The thing that sucks is all the things you can't eat, and even the things you can eat are a pain in the ass. Gone immediately are the hard foods like chips and crackers, fruits tougher in consistency than oranges and bananas. Chewy meat (could gum up the brackets and wires.) Sticky candy like taffy, gum, jelly beans, etc. Easter and Halloween are terrible because the only things you are left with is softer chocolates. Soda wasn't ruled out, I was just told to ease back on how much I drank.

Keeping them clean is a whole other adventure. The wires will catch food like no ones business, so you always have to have a little pocket brush or toothpick to get the food out.

Brushing is the same, flossing is different and much more time consuming due to how you have to weave the floss in between the braces.

Though the adjustments were the worst part. Sometimes they'll put on "power chains", which are tight elastic bands that pull your teeth together. If you have jaw alignment problems, you'll be given rubber bands to hook on to your braces to pull whichever jaw back or forward. Usually have to wear them all the time except for eating and brushing (I've been out of braces for 2 years now and I still find bags of the suckers.)

Once you get your braces on, it will be pretty painful as your teeth adjust to the pressure. Ortho says the pain will last for like 24 hours, BS. I couldn't easily eat food for about 3 weeks, had to either rip up or cut everything into tiny pieces so I could eat. I shifted over to meal shakes for that period and every month after getting an adjustment because the pain would be back.

These were my experiences, not saying they are universal by any means, just giving one example of what to possibly expect.
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Jul 14, 2020