gamesquest1 Considering my main goal is snes games it's been quite a while since I picked any up, I got a couple of crappy sports games last week, but seriously feeling that dry spell, but at least one title is a new addition so I guess that's something.......even if it is just ......shaq fu
The rest are duplicates that will replace tatty or loose carts.....but seriously if anyone has some nice cheapy snes games it would be appreciated :P

Next up are a few goodies that tide me over while waiting for snes stuff to crop up, I like limited edition consoles and pokemon games so it's a nice lil find


And finally probably the most "unique" item, these were apparently only 1000 made and given out to celebrate 100,000,000 PlayStation games being made, I'm not much of a PlayStation collector but this one seemed like something I wouldn't stumble across again (short of running to ebay for crazy BIN prices) so this is probably the only *rare* PlayStation thing I will be bothering with....B-)


So that's pretty much as much as I care to share this always thanks for reading and see you next time! those snes games if you have them :creep:
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