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    Yo, got more psytrance for y'all.

    TIME is the latest album by progressive trance legend Zyce. This one required me to spend more time (pun intended) to learn to love it, and now I can surely say it's probably the best psytrance album of this year, and January isn't even over yet. But does it live up to the standard set by The Fifth Dimension, Zyce's previous album? Look at how the time flows! I was pretty hyped for this album and when it released, I kinda forgot about it. Then I listened to it once and said "screw it, I'ma go back to The Fifth Dimension". And now, Zyce himself told me to give it another shot (through a series of puns obviously) and I did. Therefore, here I'm writing my totally not biased thoughts.

    Cover art - Can we have a minute to appreciate how detailed and a e s t h e t h i c c this thing is? Zyce ain't no joker when it comes to cover art, which we already saw in The Fifth Dimension. In fact, both of these were featured on my super creative and original cover art gallery on my Instagram (uh oh that smooth advertisement). Let's analyze this piece of art. The background is somewhere in space. The big circle is a solar system shaped like a clock. The system has 12 planets - each one representing a track in the album. The clock's face has incredible detail. Just like The Fifth Dimension, each track is a symbol somehow related to the track's name. But instead of the track names in a weird font, here we have the... BPM? I guess it could be useful for DJs, since they can just look at the cover to find the BPM, except only 5 are readable. It's a nice touch and I like it.

    1. Nightfall - A nice, chilly introduction and warmup before the psytrance goodness waiting for us. Think like a follow-up to Sweet Ocean from The Fifth Dimension. Obviously, it's sampling the ticking sound of a clock, in case you expected something else from the intro to an album called TIME with a galaxy-sized clock on the cover. Whatever, let's move on.
    2. Desert Storm - Forget the introduction, this is simply some of the best straight up psychedelic porn. The ambiences in the beginning are getting you in the mood, and the bassline takes you on an express ride to that world. Of course, the light guitars and pan-shifting percussions accompany you on your journey, which gets wrapped up in the snap and the later hihats and claps, and I'm getting way too poetic here. Then we have the bridge section, with that lead following the melody of the guitars. And it goes back to the psychedelic porn from earlier.
    3. Cosmic Order (ft. Waio) - I thought it said "penis". It was "Venus". The ambience in the beginning of this track is basically the previous one on steroids. And dammit, Zyce, you just had to sample the Facebook Messenger notification sound. As he told me, this sample closely represents today's sounds of Earth (notice that it comes after the word "Earth"). Pretty close attention to detail. This track is more plesure for the ear, mainly because of the eargasmic ambiences (though not as eargasmic as Veni Vidi Vici, but that ain't no surprise) and that great bass. I could talk all day about this ambience, but I really can't right now.
    4. Strawberry Moon - I'm telling you, this might just be the best solo track on the album. Obviously we get the classic ambiences that make Zyce's music so good, but the bass that comes is pretty interesting. Honestly, I didn't expect this kind of pattern to work so well, but Zyce nailed it. Obviously, the drop ambience is just so pleasant to the ear, but that synth lead is pretty cool too.
    5. I See You (ft. Liquid Soul, Solar Kid) - I could listen to that duo all the time. After what they pulled off with The Protocol, my expectations for this one were pretty high. Thankfully, they managed to deliver, and this is even better than The Protocol. I'm keeping silent about the ambiences because by now you're probably bored of how much I praise them, but this bass is just pure psytrance goodness. The bridge section has that good uplifting buildup, which drops into a classic overly punchy kick.
    6. Slava (In Dub To Trance) - Oh shit that cinematic intro. I love it. And then it's... reggae? Whatcha been smoking Zyce? Thankfully that lenghty intro is saved by a wonderful psytrance bass, albeit with less ambience... Ah, no, it's back, we're safe.
    7. Anahata - Uh, yeah, that beep in the beginning? Pretty annoying, wouldn't listen to it in a car, but whatever. We get another juicy kick and bass with that weird ambience. It's good overall.
    8. The Music Box Of Wonders - That music box sample in the beginning is... confusing? Rhythmically confusing, that is. And the drop, honestly, I don't know what to think about. It's got that signature ambience, but the offbeat bass isn't really that great. If you read my review (uh OH that smooth advertisement) of Vini Vici's Future Classics, you know what I think about offbeats in psytrance. It has to be executed perfectly to work fine. Thankfully, we break down into a more standard pattern which saves the track. Waaaaait, that ambience... Didn't a sample from Witchcraft get reused here? Sounds like it, fortunately it's a good pick since that sound is really good. Might not be the same though, my ears are probably tired because of my long GPF listening sessions.
    9. Interstellar (ft. Sonic Species) - OH JESUS that bass, I love it. Even if you don't care about the whole album, you just have to listen to this track for the bass alone. The ambience really reminds me of Infected Mushroom, though that's a good thing, since they nail ambiences too (well, between Vicious Delicious and Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys). The voice sample is from... somewhere. I suck at identifying samples other than "I AM THA ONE WHO KNOCKS!!!1111!!!1!1!!!11" so I can't help much here.
    10. Orion (ft. Static Movement) - Probably not the cat, but I like the bass. Not as much as the cat, but what did you expect. The ambience is pretty nice too, with a chilly synth. The bridge section manages to put you to sleep and wake you up again, but does it smoothly. Near the end, we're back at the IM ambience, but it's good again.
    11. Planet of Zycon (ft. Ticon) - Oh geez that track name, pretty creative. Yeah, I guess we have a new DJ ship, this time it's in psytrance. The track starts with more ambience and the bass is really good again. But wait... OH SHIT THAT'S A 303! I just love how the 303 can work in every genre, especially psytrance. Such a trippy and classic sound. I love this track because of this 303, which only lasts like a few seconds. But I suppose the arps are nice as well.
    12. Sunlight - Got an intro? Well, got an outro as well. This one closes the album really well and blends in with Nightfall, so, in theory, this should make the album great repeat material.
    Top 3:
    1. Strawberry Moon
    2. Orion (ft. Static Movement)
    3. Planet of Zycon (ft. Ticon)
    Honorable mention: I See You (ft. Liquid Soul, Solar Kid)

    Jesus heck damn we're at the end. This is the biggest review I've ever written and I'm tired and going to sleep good night 7fmrt6uhdl6t587ou9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo56y

    (that wasn't my best joke ever)


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