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    Hey there friends! After reading album reviews on r/hardstyle and my dude TheMrIron2's review of Rick Astley's "Beautiful Life", I decided to write some reviews as well. Since hardstyle has a special place in my heart and WP are the kings of euphoric hardstyle, we'll start with "Elysian", the latest album by the legendary duo.

    yeah I know nobody gives a shit about hardstyle but I'll do it anyway lol

    Let's start with the artwork. It's a nice glitch photo of Pontuz and Jon. Honestly, they look much better than they used to, but that's not the point. The artwork itself isn't very complicated, with the duo in the front with a forest blended into them, the artist name, album name and the logo of... Dirty Workz? The listings say the album was released on either Dirty Workz or Toff Music, but I'll assume it's Dirty Workz because it's on the cover art and WP aren't even on Toff Music anymore. In short, yeah, the cover art is cool and I like it.

    So let's jump into the tracklist.

    The album starts with "Afterlife", a smooth piano intro. It gives the vibe of a long journey that's over. They're here and there's no more roadblocks. Nice introduction, although I always skip it.

    "Evergreen" - Very hyped, but was it worth it? It starts with a long intro which could signal it's some pop shit with female vocals. The vocals are really nice. They suddenly get distorted and the melody starts playing. Let me tell you, this is is one of the best melodies WP could ever come up with. Then we get to the climax of the track - a weird melodic raw drop. Don't get me wrong, I love it for the melody alone. In my opinion, melody is key. You can have a shitty kick but you can save it with a great melody, but you can't save a bad melody with a good kick. I like the raw kick here, but it feels kinda out of place. Overall great track, great repeat material.

    "OMG! That Bass" - Honestly, I don't like it. Remember what I said about saving a shitty kick with a good melody? Forget about it for a second. This is another raw kick, but it doesn't have that power of the one in "Evergreen". The raw-ish approach breaks it for me. And honestly, the melody isn't that great.

    "Wide Awake" - Once again, some smooth vocals and a nice build up. The melody - awesome. And the drop? OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. They finally nailed the kick, which is perfect. Amazing track.

    "A Lifetime Of Memories" - We get a nice, smooth intro with some strings and glitchy spoken male vocals. Then it breaks into the buildup. Yet another beautiful melody, although with a different approach. Dreamy supersaw chords coupled with a pluck melody + a really good kick.

    "Simulation" - The nice, atmospheric arp with strings. Aaaand the drop. Honestly, I'm getting mixed feelings. The kick is good and the melody is good too, although the simplistic approach doesn't really work here. Other than that, it's just decent.

    "Escape" - Plucky chords, I like that. Then the drop. The kick simply doesn't work. I get the idea - a darker melodic raw, but the execution is... meh. Second drop gets it a bit better though. Pretty average.

    "Not That Easy" - WP trying to experiment once again, this time with psystyle. I like the idea of psystyle, but this track doesn't really feel that powerful. The second drop is melodic raw again! I don't hate it, but it's pretty forgetable.

    "Nowhere To Be Found" - Oh finally something I would put on repeat. The melody is simple but good at that - another supersaw + pluck combo. And the kick is really good. Vocals? Decent, nothing more.

    "Stranger Things" - Melody right off the bat, and it works. Pretty oldschool, which I dig. Then we get to the... uh, whatever this is. A reverse bass kick with a raw punch? Never heard something like this but it's pretty okay, albeit the reverse bass lacks the power of some oldschool reverse bass kicks. And yet another melodic raw drop, but this time they nailed it. I really dig this style and would love to see more of this.

    "Melancholia (Elysian Edit)" - Now, the original "Melancholia" from 2011 is one of my favorite hardstyle tracks ever and the single best track by WP in my opinion. If they screwed it up, I'd be super mad. Thankfully, it's not bad. Another reverse bass kick but it has that power. Sounds very early-2010s and has that raw punch. I like this. Then we get to the triplet climax. Honestly, this melody could have as well been used by Wildstylez and nobody would notice anything. And Wildstylez = good. Except, after the buildup we get more raw. The structure of the track reminds me of D-Sturb for some reason. And we get to the final drop which is really good. This is how you do melodic raw.

    "Losing Myself" - A simple, relaxing beat that makes for a great outro. I like it.

    Now, is the album worth it? I'd say mostly hell yeah. Go listen to it, it's an amazing album, even with some bumps in the road.

    Top 3:
    • Wide Awake
    • A Lifetime Of Memories
    • Evergreen
    Honorable mention: Melancholia (Elysian Edit)

    Thanks for reading my wall of text!
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