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    Good morning there. After the amazing response on my first review (one whole like!), I feel I should do another one. Since nobody gives a shit about hardstyle, I'm going to cover another genre nobody gives 2 shits about - psytrance. Vini Vici's debut album is full of psytrance (future) classics, and the whole package is a (future) classic itself. I believe it's the future now (2019 is more than 2015, right?) and we can legitimately call these future classics actual classics. Or maybe modern classics? I'm getting lost and I have no idea what to write, so let's just get to the review.

    Cover art - I'd really love this to be a poster in my room. It appears very detailed, but on closer inspection you can notice it's split mostly into 3 elements - the planets, the astronaut and the megaphone (?). This is what I really like about this cover - it manages to look both detailed and minimalistic. Plus it perfectly fits into the tribally-trippy atmosphere of the album. And the texture over the thing makes it look even more retro.

    EDIT: I looked closer and realized the planets are a vinyl record. I literally just noticed it. I suck at cover art analysis.

    Sooooo let's take a look at the tracks.
    1. The Tribe - This is one hecc of a classic. The tribal samples are perfect for the overall tribal feel of the tracks (triplets, fucc yah), which might be the reason this track feels really Vini Vici. Honestly, I think triplets are pretty overrated here. I like the last 4/4 drop the most out of all the ones here. It feels kinda like a prequel to Great Spirit (which is great by itself), but The Tribe might be a little bit better in my opinion.
    2. Namaste - I'm not into yoga, but for some reason I love playing THUG Pro listening to this. It tries to keep itself less complicated which works very well for this genre. Overall good, but I wouldn't put it on repeat.
    3. Alteza - I love the singing-ish (?) samples on this track and spoken vocals over. The bass is very nice and wide, accompanied by the effects and percussion slowly getting introduced. One of the more memorable tracks.
    4. Anything & Everything - Oh, look, an offbeat bass. I'm not really a fan, but the effects once again come to the rescue. Psytrance isn't all about the bass - just like hardstyle isn't all about the kick. The later part gets the bass better. It's good, but far from perfect. At least the effects are fun to listen to. It's my least favorite track from the whole album. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I think there's not a single "bad" track on here, I just find this one the least impactful. That last drop though - I dig.
    5. Talking with U.F.O's - It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it could only be one thing, a UFO! The track starts with some UFO report samples and goes into a trippy alien melody before transitioning into a great drop. This bass is just damn good. Then we get into another offbeat bass, but this time they really did it right with the effects. The same samples from the beginning play over the breakdown. Offbeat bass again with a nice beat. This is the offbeat psytrance bass done right and I love it. The track ends with one last drop and they nailed it.
    6. Liquid Soul & Zyce - We Come In Peace (Vini Vici Remix) - I love both Liquid Soul and Zyce and I'm grateful that this remix exists because I didn't really like the original. Thankfully VV saved it and fixed everything wrong with it by giving it the VV feel. Works really well.
    7. It's Here - When a colorblind person goes to a church and takes acid... nah, forget that. We got another collab - this time with Major7. The atmosphere feels a bit darker than the rest of the album, but it works out really well. The effects are less complex which is no issue at all. Then we get to the melodic effect thingy and it's damn awesome. And more VV effects. I'm in love.
    8. Veni Vidi Vici - An even darker and cinematic atmosphere is what makes this track my favorite psytrance track that has ever hit the planet. I mean, they made a riser from a cinematic hit sample! Buildup, buildup, buildup... OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOOOOOD THESE EFFECTS. As you can guess, I'm experiencing a legit eargasm. The bass is good - not that eargasmic but it's supported by the awesome atmosphere which makes it actually sound really great. Break, buildup..... JESUS CHRIST I LOVE THIS EFFECT. The variation in the second climax is even better than the first one. I'll leave the next half of the track without that much detail. This is something you really have to experience yourself.
    9. Ticon - Hops of Hades (Vini Vici Remix) - Yet again, it's very good that this remix is here, since the original is pretty underwhelming for me. This is one of the best basses I've heard, I'm not kidding. Effects are obviously top-notch. Nothing to say really, this is just more VV goodness.
    And now, we're at the end of this review. The most important question - is the album worth it? Unsurprisingly, yes, it is. If you haven't experienced the pleasure listening to this album - go listen to it and come back, you're wasting your life. And now the most difficult thing for me - the top 3. All tracks are top notch and worth a listen. It's impossible for me to pick only 3, but here we go:
    1. Veni Vidi Vici
    2. Talking with U.F.O's
    3. It's Here/Ticon - Hops of Hades (Vini Vici Remix) (I really can't choose one)
    Honorable mention: Alteza
    Worst track: Anything & Everything (shut up, it's still good)

    I hope you enjoyed this highly professionally written (u mom g*y) review. Stay tuned, maybe I'll review something normal next time.


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