• so i take everything i say about no$gba it is a decent emualator
    but heres the culprit the anti malware execuatble really that fucking piece of shit was slowing down my pc. so heres what i learned
    so really im slowly transitioning to linux so i fired up wine and nocash to do stuff. really i was expecting potato performance but really acually ran better than windows plus it running on wine, at first i thought it was the more ram my pc has when it runs linux but i was way more, going back to my last pc...
    a few years ago intel had that meltdown and spectre crap and microsoft had to fix it at the cost of performace, really that was bad because my pc was a potato after updating minecraft ran about 20% of the speed it originally ran and i saw more blue screens because of that, at that time i brushed it off because of my aging hardware but completly unaware of the vuneralbilities intel cpus had etcetcetc
    fast forward to 2020 i was looking at a thread on gbatemp, one of the comments mentioned something about the malware crapo and disabling it inproves speed, but really i brushed it off again (big brain) but really after doing stuff on linux i realised that the program does somthing to slow it down
    so really use linux dont use windows unless wine hates you


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