• I’ve been thinking again about working on my backlog
    Then I realized...
    I don’t even
    Like beating games-
    Beating a game I love for the first time always depresses me because it’s the end- and now I’ll always know how temporary it is- sitting there watching the credits makes me feel empty- not satisfied

    I always stress about beating games... but it just occurred to me that it might be better to not beat most of them at all, and just leave it in a spot where I have a good memory of it and I’m satisfied with what I’ve done

    But that also bothers me
    Simply because to attain games, money has to be spent. So if I’m only paying for a part of a game and the rest is unused forever...
    But getting games for free doesn’t make me feel as peachy as enjoying a game I paid for :unsure:

    I think it was SicklyBoy who said they just play games until they don’t enjoy it anymore, rather than beating them. Since then, I started following that- and gaming has been a way different experience overall for the better! If you’re reading this, thanks for that x3

    Ah well...
    That’s all I have for tonight
    Gooood night children
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