• Just a quick blog today. I really am trying to do my best just to keep active and about at the moment and just have one or two things i'd like to talk about before I head off for the night.

    Firstly, after the 12th i may be a little more quiet than usual. Basically my appointment has come through for me to have a nerve block. This is a guided injection in my spine to more or less numb the surrounding nerves. This should reduce the pain I'm in but other symptoms will remain and its only a short term solution. It will wear off within about 9 months and with each injection i have it will last shorter and shorter. Hopefully they will be able to figure something out. Would be the 12 th tho wouldnt it ? 1 day after Ori and the will of the wisps is released :cry:

    I've been thinking alot lately about my early work on the original xbox scene, emulation and why i left public projects pretty much completely. Now im got gonna mention my previous names or projects I worked on but i just want to kinda put out there why i stopped in the first place.
    I always found working on that stuff quite fun and challenging. As a person im not me if i'm not working on something or other. And working on those sort of things, especially back then it really could be quite challenging. But then the project you are working on gets popular and it starts. "whens it out " "when's the next release ?" when when bloody when. I started at first just ignoring it. but as time wore on you couldn't sit in a chatroom without someone asking. so then you start banning them and some idiot gives out your email address and bam inbox full of just the one question. I just got sick of it. No matter where i went that one question was always there. It's not like i was doing this for fame or money, i was supposed to be doing it for fun and it just wasn't any more. So one day I just vanished. Every so often i will come across someone talking about me and it's always kinda strange " remember when XXX did this. whatever happened to him?" i just smile to myself and move on

    Anyway I'm gonna go and garb some sleep while i can ... next week could get a little challenging haha


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