• I was taking a break from the hotel
    When a Stealphie popped up in my mail
    He forced me to break my abstinence
    As soon as I heard about darkness

    darkness has deleted himself
    Committed seppuku, and off the edge he fell
    And with the fall of the last true shitposter
    Eventually comes the end of fun on the forums

    darkness was hated by most
    But loved by the few who saw his potential
    He always held a bright flaming torch
    Of pure shit, to spread shit-fire wherever he goes

    And he went and did just that!
    O you must have been there to experience the glory
    Of a man who gave no fucks about others and safety
    And shat on the streets of the forums aplenty

    But his reign has come to an end
    Something had changed when he acquired a job
    He left for a bit and came back unarmed
    It felt as if something was missing, was gone

    I suspect he got a life
    I suspect he got bored
    I suspect that he got a lover or two
    And changed himself to be better than wrong

    So with sadness in all of our hearts
    We bid farewell to a great motherfucker
    He left a legacy too powerful to be ravaged, demolished
    And we shall remember it, until another shitter takes up that torch
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