Chary So, coming off the great year that was 2016, I was totally hyped and ready for what 2017 had in store...or so I thought. It only took a month before 2017 decided to kick me right in the face. And after losing those kittens, a close friend backstabbed me which forced me to remove them from my life, and then some no-lifer wannabe hacker dudebro decided to try and convince people I'm some sorta bigot, (lul?) and after that, my cats died again, right before a hurricane that fricken ruined all my everything. And now I gotta defer my college scholarship, cuz I'm living in a hotel since my house is gone, only to get through that nightmare for my aunt to die of a heart attack. So, 2017, I commend you, for going balls-to-the-walls in a massive attempt to make me go crazy.

I might be down, but I am not out! While some parts of 2017 have been horrible, there's still been a lot of amazing moments as well. I, again, got to have the fantastic opportunity to attend E3 for GBAtemp, built my first gaming PC, stumbled into meeting my awesome boyfriend, made tons of really good friends on this site, really got into twitch streaming for GBAtemp with my friends, and most recently, got to experience the generosity of the best darn web community I've ever seen. From the heartwarming donations, to the kind words, you guys on GBAtemp really went above and beyond. I feel so blessed to be a part of this site, and it's amazing members. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, for all that they've done for me. I can hardly express how grateful I am, and how much this has touched my heart. Through the ups and downs that the rest of this year will bring me, I can always remember this and feel happy again.

Thanks <3


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