Felek666 Well, we see useless bitching, "i'm back" threads and other meme crap in blog section so why not cool down atmosphere a little bit?

I don't know if i should or shouldn't write anyways but meh, I live once.
Well, we were in the same school. She was also in the same class.
Anyways. The whole time i was dismissed, bullied by class in years of 0-4, she was my only friend. Later i learned to be more social and to tell people what i'm thinking.

I essentialy just talked a few words to her everyday when i was bored and no one wanted to even talk with me.
Later we became friends.
She was looking more like a tomboy, short hair, not-so cute clothes and other crap. Class had hard time accepting her, but when she was gone, everyone regretted it.
Well, onto some backstory of it, shall we?

Basically, I loved to hang out with her. We could talk about school and all that jazz. Even joke.
I felt more alive when she was still in school. After that, everyone forgot about her but I still know her as the best friend in the world. Her name was "Nikola" (Such a uncommon name here)
We were riding bicycles together. (Actually i scrapped that idea since i was going too fast and she got pissed at me, lol) walking around, mostly talking and chilling in the playground.
I used to visit her to play ball or climb and stuff. This was mostly when I was 8-10 years old.
Her family wasn't as rich as everyone's else. She was living in a [in my opinion] not very good environement.

Furnace. Sometimes her parents haven't got money for food. Old CRT Black/White TV. Analog TV. No internet. Broken furniture. No consoles or phone or PC. She was fine with that.
She also told me that she's not that rich and her family is poor. I didn't mind that but i still felt bad for her.

Well.... Last time I saw her was back in 2011/2012. She told me that she's going to another family since that's how goverment forced upon her parents. Nothing changed since back then so she was forced.
She gave everyone in our class a chance of hope. She said she will be back in 6th class.

Was she back? No. Did I find new friends? Yes. Thankfully, year after she left, I found a new friend which i talked about tech and stuff. Later it evolved into a bigger circle then final goodbye. [Which was sad since everyone was so connected at the end]
I went to her old place, her mother just ignored me.
It's kinda sad, but that's how life works, I guess?

It's 2017 and I still haven't meet her. Would love to, but I don't even know where she lifes. No one knows. She didn't even visit us once. I'm not mad at her but it's sad.
Maybe someday I will meet her.

Since I got this out of my chest and it was kinda too personal... Thanks for reading this till the very end.
Not many people care to read a story about a man moaning about losing his childhood friend.

See ya in the next blog post.


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