• Since my first ever friend commited suicide in middle school I've feeling lonely.
    I was never popular in the first place, not accepted by the boys in my age because they are "these guys" which only like football and sports.
    I was going through several years of bullying, gladly no cyber one or else I wouldn't be able to write this.

    I've got a GF which I love and which loves me. Sadly it's a distant relationship and the distance is killing her since she is not used to a partner being not with her.
    I'm not carrying fear in me that she'll get to another guy or anything like this. We're both too antisocial for this kind of stuff.

    Just ever since my best friend left this world I've got no reason to show optimism towards anything.
    I'm not even particularly good in anything I can be proud of.
    -- yes, I'm working on a ACNL Romhack. And that's nice and all. But nothing special.
    I'm good at editing existent stuff, but not able to create anything myself.
    I'm not good at coding, I'm not good at making any RAM changes, but I'm good at editing images.
    And I'm not feeling like this is anything special.

    I've got no friends near me since everyone already moved away.
    I'm in the middle of graduation and got my last exam waiting for me.
    I'm just stressed out which is why my thoughts and problems are all over the place.

    This shouldn't be the time to care about the past or anything unrelated to school.
    I should be learning for the exam day and night. Because this is the behaviour I was taught
    But I can't.
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