Eix so today the weather here is less than 32°C! (its 3°C)
so lets take a look at how this effects the behavior of wild humans and compare it to other temperatures (31°C and 33°C) and the standard 32°C
today, at 3°C, you may find workers of the colony that direct traffic huddling together along roads, you may also find workers that enforce control freezing to death outside the main education centers.
colony movement hits an all time low as this species is unable to navigate with the temperature messing with there navigational organs, you may find a worker whom'st've gotten lost and will soon starve ro death without its colony.
as the queen (daddy trump) is not at the nest at this time, the weather will severely decrease the population
it will be hard for this nest to bounce back but the queen visits often enough that it can recover.

in the 31°C weather the humans have the same behavior as above, just less bad

in the 33°C weather the humans will start to die off from heat exhaustion as they are not used to the weather

and in the 32°C weather the humans do not die and are capable of reproduction, this may be ideal for them but they are still fucking idiots genetically
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