Felek666 So i'm finally over with my house trip. (Basically going from old home to a new one) That took like 3 days, packing, lifting and traveling across city's.
You're probably wondering "Hey, why did you do a house trip?". Well i got kicked out of my house [I'm renting] for a dumb reason. Owners just told me that they want to sell it and that i have one month to get out. [What the-]
I rented that house for 2 months, what the fuck man :/

Also in that old house, i couldn't have my own internet [UPC doesn't allow for 2 contracts in one place, owners refused to "hang" that contract] Now since i'm in my new house, i can have my own internet and TV. [Thanks, owner]

But obviously he said that he is going to "test" us by renting this new house for 2 months, if everything is going to be ok then he will make our contract 3 years longer.
I'm living in a very silent place somewhere in Poland and it's just perfect. I can relax, listen to music in peace and even sleep in peace. [Unlike my old house with neighbours that blasted disco-polo and techno music all night long.]

I hope for the best because i'm getting tired of those house trips...
Uh... I also need to know my place. I got lost while walking to my local shop, luckily i remembered my path so i just returned back to my house. [Then i found a local shop in process, lol]

Anyways, see ya temp in my another blog post which will be even more boring™ than usual™.
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