brickmii82 There was a boy who saw the moon for the first time and decided he wanted to touch it. He couldn't fly, he wasn't particularly athletic either.
He decided he'd jump up and touch it.
First he jumped over big rocks, then he jumped over houses, and then he was jumping over trees. At this point he was a man, but he did not give up.
He began jumping town to town, over mountains and hills
He jumped every day until he died and never touched the moon
Afterwards God asked him how he enjoyed his life and he was disappointed with never touching the moon. "I'm a failure" he said.
God replied, Did you see my trees? "Yes" the man replied.
"Did you see my mountains?" The man answered "yes"
"Did you see my moon?"
"Yes" the man answered yet again
God told the man, "The life I gave you was about the journey, not the destination.
You saw my creation and did your best. You saw hills and houses, trees and mountains, rivers and streams that no other man has seen.
You saw my sky at eye level. That is not failure."
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