morvoran My username is Morvoran, and I've been a member on this site since Dec 2010.
For the few on this site that may peruse the World News, Current Events & Politics section on this site, you might recognize me as the right-wing Trump supporter who has no issue expressing my views. For the rest, I may not even exist as I don't post on threads that do not interest me much. I enjoy playing games and hacking consoles, buy only for my personal enjoyment. I don't care to share if I liked a game, if an unfinished game that is not out yet seems good or not, or how much I like or dislike a company that charges for their Switch hacking software. I may assist somebody with an issue here and there, but mainly, I am just a lurker on most of this site reading the opinions of others instead of sharing my own.

When I became a member of this site, I was not political at all. I didn't care who the president was, had no clue who the governor of my state was nor the mayor of my city. I would have been considered a Democrat due to my beliefs then, but I never voted in elections, never expressed my personal views to others, or never had a discussion with someone if I had an issue with their view.

This lasted until Bush, Jr. I would make jokes about him in ways such as how he pronounced "nuclear", or "nucular" as he would say, or his classic sayings like, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, I won't be fooled again". I thought, "who let this fool in office?"

Then Obama came along, and I started expressing my left leaning ideas to my friends, family, and co-workers. I've never been for affirmative action as I always thought that was a racist policy and felt that as long as the best person got the job, that's what mattered (as long as they were a Democrat). I thought it was great for a change I could believe with somebody different from the status quo of old white men.

Even right before Obama left office and the primaries for both dems of repubs were going on, I was pushing for Bernie as I thought universal healthcare would be great to have along with his other policies and thought Hillary was crooked. Turns out I was kinda right when the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie to give to Hillary. I couldn't stand Trump mainly because I hated "The Apprentice" and thought he was just a dumb reality tv star who bankrupted his businesses. The other republicans were weak in their stances and policies.

This lasted up until after Trump was elected and I started noticing the media constantly attacking him. It got so bad that I couldn't stand watching Colbert, The Daily Show, or Late Night with Seth Meyers anymore because everyday, it was "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, etc" show after show after show. If Trump was so bad, even so, why talk about him so much? Even though I didn't like Bush, Jr, I stood by him as the president as he was the one in charge, and I wanted the country to succeed. I just couldn't understand why he, as president, was being attacked as this isn't good for the US. It makes us look bad to other countries. I had to look into this myself.

That's when I learned that all these shows were ignoring and/or just refusing to bring up the good things he was doing for the country and it's citizens. The left leaning shows were calling him a racist, sexist, xenophobic, he was ruining the country, he was a criminal, etc., but the evidence, data, and statistics I was finding were showing the opposite. I wondered what else I was being lied to about.

I started looking into the Democrat party vs the Republican party even more. What I found was outstanding figuring that the public schools I went to told me a different story. I felt like my whole life was a lie.

I won't go into all the details, but I'll just say you should look into the Democrat Party yourself and see what they and their policies have done to the black community, our recent border and illegal alien issues, and how our biggest cities are failing under their control. If you really look at the big picture including identity politics, you'll see how they are the ones promoting racism, segregation, xenophobia,etc instead of the republicans.

After waking up to the truths on both sides of the political divide, I have become a Trump supporter. After he leaves office in Jan 2025, I may go back to being non-political again as I fear our country will just fall back into the old status quo.

Seeing people bash the president with their untruths in a thread made me express my views in the politics subsection. I never reply to anybody to attack them or to "piss them off". I only want to discuss the situation we are dealing with in the thread. Nothing more and nothing less. If you don't want to discuss the matter with me or like my viewpoints, just ignore me. I never have or will force anybody to read what I say on here. Don't blame me if you can't control yourself and show some personal responsibility. Don't go crying to the mods just because you don't agree with me.

It amazed me (even though it shouldn't have) when I posted a couple of threads about some crazy things people were suggesting, such as using cannibalization to fight climate change or the NRA being a terrorist org and having discussions with people with different views, that people (most likely liberals, I would guess) started attacking me and asking why I was posting these threads.
Somebody accused me of shit-posting and asking Mods why I was being allowed to express my views on this site accusing them of being conservatives. This also blows my mind because they had no issue with the ones expressing their views either against me or otherwise. Hmm, I wonder why...?

My jaw dropped when I found out that the politics subsections are barely moderated due to any action done could cause the mods to be labeled "nazis". I can believe this as this situation is prevalent in the media when the police are called nazi sympathizers when they prevent right wing folks from being attacked.

To end this, I will just say that, even though I have right wing values, I will respect your right to express your views and will attempt to have a discussion with you, so please respect mine.
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