Uiaad I wrote this a couple of months ago and well not quite sure if i'll ever actually do anything with it or where I would go with it even if I did. Enjoy !

The streets of the city sizzled in the midnight heat, even with the rain pounding down on the road like the hammer blows of a blacksmith. I sat at my desk moonlight cascading through the clouds and blinds of my office like a like …

“Derick!” came a shrill voice from outside the door.

I swung my feet from off my desk and minimised my browser and walked over and unlocked the door before the inevitable banging began. As soon as the deadbolt was slid back I took a step back and sat down on the edge of my bed.

The door slammed open, rattling my shelves as my mother swung in to view, her purse flapping open. I instantly knew it was going to be another one of those conversations

“Where the flying fuck, is my fucking money? “

I sighed and looked from her purse back up to over done made up face “mum” I began looking her deep in the eyes “what do you think I am a bank? “

She lost it as usual, hurling her purse at my face and missing by inches. She screamed in frustration and slammed my door closed. I waited patiently until I heard the stomp, stomp, slam of her going back down stairs to the cave that was our living room.

I tried to avoid going down stairs these days, that was the domain of my mother and my sister. I can still remember a time when we all got along, but those days died once dad left.

I reached over and retrieved the purse from down the back of the bed. All her cards were still in there atleast they were at the moment. I slid her credit card out looking at the gold and sliver card that promised so much.

But I couldn’t do that could I? Sure, I knew my sister had taken the money. She’s out there right now buying fags and vodka or all her little cronies and I’m not her. I slid the card back into the purse, got up and dropped it out side my door.

Of course, it wasn’t Sarah stealing from dear Mumsie. She is just to sweet and innocent for that, or perhaps she just didn’t care. She had me to take her frustrations out on. I sighed again and returned to my desk and opened my browser once more, trying to forget my worries and shut out the world doing something I enjoy.
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