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  • Unbelievable. Somehow, I've managed not only to be "active" on this site for over 7 years, but I have also managed to consistently write a blog or topic about it annually. Usually these posts start with "Hey I remember registering here to ask about my R4i Pro Gold after yahoo answers failed me", but that's been done over 6 times already so I won't bother. Hopefully, you guys have learned my biography completely by now.
    Needless to say I'm proud of being a GBAtemp member, regardless of my contributions towards its success (if there are any :P). Hopefully, one day when the next console is going to be hacked here, I could tell my future son/daughter searching for a download link for a CFW in these forums that I talked to the owner a couple of times on IRC. I can already see myself becoming an old, wise member of these forums, like a Vulpes Abnocto or Mthrnite, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing :lol:.
    Here's to another 7 years! :grog:
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