• (Dunno where to put this, since the video files I'm about to show you aren't really 3DS related, so I'll just make it a short and simple blog post instead.)

    A few days ago, someone on Discord by the name of Zel ordered a Nintendo 3DS Video Distribution Unit, and it's one of these lil' things:

    Never have we seen a real full public dump of this, so he ordered the unit and recieved it. Basically, it's just a small setup box - or should I say mini-pc - that plays a bunch of trailers for upcoming games and consoles, mainly for the 3DS lineup. This unit plays the following trailers, and notice how I say play, because there is a lot to uncover on this 320GB hard drive:
    • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
    • Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey
    • Luigi's Mansion (remake)
    • WarioWare Gold
    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Welcome Amiibo)
    • Famicom Mini (not a 3DS thing but it's not the only out of place thing you will find soon)
    These trailers are very recent! So the contents on this hard drive are basically fresh. Upon digging and connecting the hard drive up to Slitaz, we found out that this setup box not only uses Linux, but has seen more than just the insides of this mini-pc. While we yet have to see what is in its entirety on here, here are some thing that were dug up:
    • Unused trailers for Captain Toad 3DS, the Super Famicom Mini and 1-2 Switch (3DS, yeah indeed)
    • Templates for upcoming DS and Wii releases
    • Screenshots for a "Nintendo 3DS Station" (gonna post one here or else you have to scroll a lot)
    • Promo material for the golden Famicom Mini (haven't found them yet, so I can't comment)
    • A bunch of weird factory videos and images, some of which I've uploaded

    • Unused Wii and DSi trailers that are kind of stuffed away in a folder, which I'm sure I've seen online before, but never so high quality
    No real proper research has been done on this yet, except by Zel himself, but I just felt like posting this here, since some of these contents are just so weird and out of place on a 3DS video distribution box. I will definetly post more findings in a few days, so I hope you find this as interesting as I do.

    Anyway, I'm tired, and I'm out.
    i should make use of blog stuff more often instead of shitting all over eof


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