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    I actually did pick one up.

    I also did a little FAQ to anwser some questions to save everyone some time in asking me a question.

    emigre's 3DS FAQ
    • I thought you hated Nintendo?
    I don't, I just enjoy making jokes about Nintendo and upsetting their fanboys. Mainly because I'm a huge prick.​
    • Aren't you meant to be a hardcore mature gamer who only plays hardcore mature games?
    Nah, that phase is just a really shit joke which some seem to take seriously.​
    • Don't you like cod?
    I fucking love cod.​
    • Do you like your 3DS?
    I really like. The console itself feels pretty nice. The analog nub is very good. It really does piss over the PSP's nub from a great height. I do wish the shoulder buttons felt better, they're an improvement from my DS lite's shoulder buttons but I can't help but feel it could be better. ​
    • Y no get the 3DSXL?
    Cuz my 3DS is a present.​
    • Y get cosmos black?
    Two reasons. ​
    1) I believe in black supremacy.​
    2) I fucking love James Cosmos.​
    • What games do you have for it?
    Tales of the Abyss and Pullbox from the eshop.​
    • Tales of the Abyss is a weeaboo game, so why did you buy?
    Cuz I'm a huge weeaboo. Or I have a sense of humour. One of the two.​
    • What games are you interested in?
    Mario Land 3D and DoA after playing the Demo. I really enjoyed the DoA demo.​
    • No Mario Kart 7?
    Nah, I'm bored of Mario Kart.​
    • What do you think of Michael Laudrup?
    So far, so good. He's going along his business quickly and efficiently whilst being handsome as fuck.​
    • Is 3D magical?
    It's meh. It looks good at times but mostly I play in 2D. It doesn't help 3D has hurt my eyes a bit. I wouldn't say I'm a huge 3D lover.​
    • Is MGS 3D shit?
    Based off the demo, yes it is.​
    • Vita>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3DS
    Yeah. Pretty much​
    • How shit is the eshop?
    Pretty poor. The interface really could be better. But the biggest issue for me is how pricey the eshop is. ​


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