Justinde75 So it has been 2 years since I joined this community. Honestly 2 years dont seem like much, but honestly it feels like i've always been here. Just thinking about all the things that happened during my time here is crazy, and that it just were 2 years just blows my mind!

In my 2 years of being here I met a ton of new people. Its nice to have a place where I can open a thread and read through the comments and be like "Hey I know that person!"

Im not really as active as I used to be on here, just simple because I dont want to say some useless junk. I kinda have the feel i'd annoy people on here if I did. But there is one thing for sure, I am really thankful for everything that people did for this great community. I hope the the community wont stop growing and that more people will have fun in this family like community

Thanks for reading and thanks for 2 great years and hopefully to an ever better 3rd one!


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