RedoLane Tomorrow my parents are going overseas to travel with a group. This means I have the house all for myself.
While it's pretty awesome and I'll have way more peace and quiet, I can't bother thinking that I have no one to invite here.
So I've come with a workaround: try to contact again with my partners.
I usually don't talk about my sex life, but in general, I prefer it to stand under mutual interest.
There are many girls who can turn 180 degree on their personality when they aren't satisfied.
One of them demanded money from now on, and others treated me like a tool. I do not want to talk with these girls anymore.
Those that are nice...well, are nice. It's more than just banging each other, because if there's something wrong in their life, I don't mind just listening to them, and they listen to mine.
I told them about my current situation, and they understood why I don't want to engage in "sexual interaction" for the time being, but now I feel more confident to meet them again.

I think it's due to my driving lessons and my progress at looking for a job. People were right when they told me i'll feel much better when I have something to do in my life.
Furthermore, 12 days without parents is still satisfying by itself:
There's no one to bother you while you sleep, you can decide when to turn the lights off at home, you can play in the living room whenever you want since there's no one who watch TV there, really these kind of stuff.

I still do have to keep my responsibilities though, like washing the dishes and taking care of laundry, but these are just small things.
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