• I think, if you told the world's population a year ago that we'd all be stuck at home, unable to go outside unless it was for short walks or essential shopping, you'd get laughed off as some nutjob spewing 4chan-tier doomsday speak. And yet, here we are.

    Speaking of a year ago, exactly 365 days ago, I moved into my new home, closing out the final chapter of the part of my life that was dominated by a life-changing hurricane. In just a few more months, that hurricane and the devastation from it will be 3 years ago, isn't that crazy? It feels so long ago, and yet still like it was only a week ago. I've pretty much moved on from everything that happened, though, outside of still having a bit of PTSD when it comes to rain. Whenever it rains, even a little bit, or even in video games, I find that it makes my hands shake, and I feel this horrible sense of unease. Given what I lived through, and all the support I had throughout and all the positives that came after, I consider a little fear of rain to be incredibly minor, all things considered.

    Back to living in my home--every single day, I wake up feeling super joyful because holy cow, I live in a real house again! It's so nice! I have my own office, isn't that the best??! There's something so relieving to know that after all the craziness that happened, I got back to normalcy. That getting past that hard part of my life led to so much happiness and gratefulness.

    So, when it comes to being stuck at home all day for weeks on end, I'm not that bad off. I haven't been making the best use of my quarantine time--I try to do things like improving my drawing skills, or trying to learn how to crochet again, but I just find myself playing VR or having fun playing random games online with friends, which is totally okay! But I don't feel quite so productive, lol. I'd like to better learn how to budget my time and plan things, though.

    Something I had planned out a year ago too, was to get my teeth fixed. See, I've had my wisdom teeth start coming in for quite a while now, and I've been to the dentist multiple times, but there was always something else (you need a root canal first, or, that previous dentist was an idiot you needed this procedure instead, or that other dentist was a super idiot and did the root canal wrong gosh) getting in the way. Which is, well, a freaking pain, if I'm being honest. It's not like it's easy to get an appointment during corona, either. But I find myself really tired easily, from the constant pressure that having my teeth push against each other. It's almost like combining a stress headache, a sinus infection, and a tooth infection at once. It's not fun, and I think my existence is fueled by ibuprofen some days, but at least I'll be able to get that fixed, soon, I hope. Moral of the story: get your wisdom teeth out asap if you can afford insurance.

    But back to happier topics! Animal Crossing finally released!!! It's so fun, and I've loved every minute of it. I wasn't given a review code, but I do kind of want to write a review on it nonetheless. There's so much customization that it's insane to consider how far the series has come. Then again, there are some steps back...no gyroids, less furniture, less villager dialogue. Hopefully, we get some content patches in the future, but I do miss some things from older games! I was actually playing the GameCube version and I was so amused by the dialogue and snark in that game. I'm excited to keep putting more 100s of hours into both games, and refining my village, either way. How is everyone's village looking? I'd love to see other GBAtemper's designs, indoor or out!

    Really, I've just been sitting around waiting for some friends to ready up for a game, so I decided to write a blog rambling my thoughts because I caught the calendar date offhand and it made me think of the significance of today. So I suppose I'll just leave things off here, lest I ramble TOO much. Thank you for reading, if you did, and have a wonderful day <3


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