Nintendo Fanboy I know this is late, but I now have the time to write about it!
Lasts year, I got my first Xbox game system, on February 8th, 2017. The Xbox 360 that I had gotten is by far my favorite console I owned.
I got it as a random gift from my Mom and Dad, and they really did good.
I know there's the newer systems but I could never quite afford to get one, and a lot of games.
This 360, it still works. Plays my games just fine, and it's actually almost been 10 years since my system was manufactured.
Heck, my siblings actually love to play call of duty with me, and we enjoy playing GTA 5.
The 360 also got me through rough times in 2017, it's literally my robotic best friend! Lol
I love my 360, and I plan to stick with it for a while.
I also love my parents too. :)
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