Zone of the Enders (US) 2020-04-21

Complete Save

  1. delta7890

    Data Details:
    Memory Card Slot 1:
    File 1:
    Factory.1, before Tempest boss battle in Town.1
    File 2: EPS.1, before taking control of Single Sword Raptor in Town.2
    File 3: Factory.2, before Tyrant boss battle in Park.1
    File 4: Park.1, before Nebula boss battle at the end of Mountain.1

    Memory Card Slot 2:
    File 1:
    Warehouse.1, Neith boss battle
    File 2: Hub.1, game finale (A ranks on all rescue missions for alternate ending theme "A Light with a Name of Hope")
    File 3: Hub.1, game finale (one B rank earned on City.2 rescue mission for normal ending theme "Flowing Destiny")
    File 4: Factory.2, before Tyrant boss battle in Park.1 (100% buildings destroyed, 0% survivors for all rescue missions. Defeat Tyrant [who has altered pre-battle dialog] and approach Mountain.1 to view the secret bad ending)

    All Orbital Frames and stages unlocked for Versus Mode