Zoids Densetsu 1.0

English Translation

  1. MrRichard999
    Here is an English translation for Zoids Densetsu. There isn’t really much to translate but now you can see what rank you are as you progress through the game and also the Zoid specs as you change Zoids in the game.


    Contributor Type of contribution Listed credit
    MrRichard999 Hacking
    LastBossKiller Translation

    ROM / ISO Information:
    • Zoids Densetsu (Japan).gb
    • CRC32: C32DCA06
    • MD5: A77E8144B00215385EBF8490A539E4BE
    • SHA-1: 5D6016B605EA22901150BC5735BC13BA64AAF3C6
    • SHA-256: 2CE6B7D73C4FCDD28767845B1D9E64645186509AC10BA6F8E95B51C25145678D


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