Yakuza 0 theme 2020-09-12

yakuza 0

  1. chronoss
    Yakuza 0
    Theme about Yakuza 0 game, build with the mod of Simple Theme by Generic Goose, thanks to him !
    • Simple lock screen mod : i moved the unlock bouton on left corner for the screen
    • Simple home menu : i hid the user icons
    • Simple HBL theme : i added version and author of the homebrew on home menu
    2020091107591700-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.jpg 2020091123513100-DB1426D1DFD034027CECDE9C2DD914B8.jpg
    2020091108003100-CF99E5A89997DEB91E571D16DB468578.jpg 2020091107592300-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.jpg 2020091107594600-57B4628D2267231D57E0FC1078C0596D.jpg
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