xenoblade 2 save editor 2018-06-28

a switch save file editor for windows

  1. Type_O_Dev
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Save Editor
    This is a full items editor
    I dont take credit for this as I just touched up a little of the code to allow more editing
    Match your current items with this website

    You will need the item id to add or edit item in each tab
    ie: Premuim Cylinders from site is 2004, only use 4
    View attachment 131314

    This was forked from this project


    Added ability to set item id and serial to first 5 weapon chips of save
    Set 0-4 with values bellow to add these items
                       ID    Serial
    Tachyon            60    149
    Moon Matter        58    146
    Preon              59    292
    Sunlight           54    144
    ShiningStr         52    147
    Max Values = 9999999 / 65535 / 5
    Make sure you backup your save first
    if you have issues please report on github
    Thanks to @williamdabastrd
    he is working on a multi-platform editor

    There is a bug, it is not padding the values with 0's correctly
    Download here - New Version Available

    Saves from new DLC are a issue, this is due to new file size.


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