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XeLL-Reloaded 0.993


A Xenon Linux loader based on Xell by tmbinc(Felix Domke)

XeLL-Reloaded catches CPU threads, sets them up, loads an ELF file from either network (tftp), USB(fat/ext2fs), CDROM (ISO9660) or HDD(fat/ext2fs/xtaf), and launches it.

It's made to boot Linux, so it contains a flat device tree for Linux. However, it is able to load other ELF files as well, like applications based on LibXenon.

* Now based on LibXenon

* Supports the new Reset Glitch Hack - RGH. (xell-gggggg)

* XeLL-Reloaded is now divided in 2 stages:

- 1st Stage initializes most of the Hardware, uncompresses and executes 2nd Stage

- 2nd Stage (based on LibXenon) loads all required drivers and does the usual "XeLL tasks"

* XeLL can unzip & load gzipped files

* Support for HDMI, and properly switches NTSC/PAL on composite.

* All CPU Cores are active and ready to run at full speed.

* TinyEHCI is used, delivers full USB 2.0 speed when accessing mass storage media

* lwip network stack upgraded to v1.4 Final - It's faster and DHCP is improved.

* It can access the DVD-drive via DMA now: faster reading

* It's possible to reload into XeLL now when you are inside a LibXenon Application

* New HTTP web interface to retrieve nand dump.

* Improved hardware initialization now allows chain-loading.

* Supports upgrading with a 2-stage XeLL-Reloaded binary, named "updxell.bin"

* Infinite boot loop when looking for ELFs to execute.(no more rushing to get the live-cd in)

* Parses / decrypts keyvault

* Supports kboot.conf-type file

* Supports external initramfs

* Can pass a custom CMDLINE to linux kernel via kboot.conf

kboot.conf/initrd support - copyright (C) 2010-2011 Hector Martin "marcan" <[email protected]>

* Shows a user controllable menu for the parsed bootentries

xell user prompt - by Georg Lukas "Ge0rg" <[email protected]>
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