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Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release

Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha releaseJuly 27th, 2007It has been too long since I released anything for this project, there are a few more bugs andmissing features but from what I have seen it plays very well.Improvements:- Compiled with the latest libfat (should now work with most/all DLDI devices)- Sound (no music)- Status bar on bottom screen- SavingTodo:- Music- Builds for registered versions and spear of destiny- Configuration- Enhance soundA note on saving:Currently saving is broken between builds, if you make a savegame with this version and upgradethe wolf3d binary your save will crash.Keys:Turn left: DPAD LeftTurn right: DPAD RightForward: DPAD UpBackward: DPAD DownStrafe Left: L ShoulderStrafe Right: R ShoulderShoot: AUse: BNext Weapon: XRun: YInstallation:Copy the wolf3d folder into the root of your media card, run.
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