Wizardry Gaiden IV - Throb of the Demon's Heart Version 1.02

English Translation Patch

  1. MrRichard999
    Wizardry Gaiden IV English Translation
    Version 1.02

    Project Staff

    MrRichard999 - Project Lead and hacking small font text.

    D.D.S. - Hacking & insertion of VWF font and scripts &
    help with fixing small font issues & corrections. Also made sure this project was completed to the end. Very special thanks to you!

    DackR - Hacking Hacking & insertion of large font scripts.

    EsperKnight - Hacking dealing with large font scripts.

    FinS - Hacking, creating the table files, and script dumps of all the large font script.

    AgentOrange - Translation of all large font script dumps.

    Helly - Translation of locations in large font and small font dialogue.

    Eien Ni Hen - Translation of small font dialogue.

    Mark Patraw - Translation of small font dialogue.

    Jink640 - Spot & wrap up translation.

    GamerHenky - Game testing and reporting/correcting issues.

    Here is a full English translation for Wizardry Gaiden IV - Throb of the Demon's Heart.
    After years of hard work the project is now finally completed! We hope you enjoy the release!




    Wizardry Gaiden IV - Taima no Kodou (Japan) (Rev 1).sfc - NOINTRO
    CRC32: 1703D522
    MD5: 7BA541A38E7C5E86FB0D4519B490EFE8
    SHA-1: F4B6B592442F395CE5284FFF02A9556F8B3D9FBF
    SHA-256: BD5023F7FBF1E1D1C5C6B350506B7F727B4A8EC05ADD7281FFAF8F3016FD7099


    Version 0.981b
    -Fixed game breaking bug in the Tower of Idleness which freezes the game when attempting to approach one of the pictures where you place a statue.
    -Fixed some spelling issues with Items/Enemies
    -Fixed some issues with the large font dialogue in some spots where garbling occurred.

    Version 0.982b
    - Fixed pointer bug when at the inn the GIVE command was MAGIC before. Now GIVE is properly displayed.

    Version 0.983b
    -Fixed dialogues & spacing at character creation menus.
    -Proofread over the entire script and demoed it in-game to fix typos and adjust everything to fit on screen.
    -Converted 2-line dialogue windows to 3-line windows.
    -Added code to set the default language for all 4 settings to English on startup.
    -Fixed Item menu for Bishops to show all 6 options in the correct order, and full name for "Identify".
    -Fixed Identify for weapons since it was displaying random Japanese chars instead of "2-Hand".
    -Changed "Dragon" to "Dracon" for Wizardry series consistency.
    -Changed "Bootu" to "Boots" for Equip screen.

    Version 0.984b
    -Corrected Special Item Ability Invoking screen.
    -Cleaned up Battle Engine.
    -Fixed some typos.

    Version 0.986b
    -Looking at chests for traps should load the right names now.
    -Reworked the title screen and options menu ("Scarlet Lotus Castle", "Sound Channel", "Labyrinth Walls", "Battle Graphics").
    -Eliminated language selection in options as English is set by default.
    -Expanded the individual options ("Semi-Fast", "Normal", "Semi-Slow").
    -Changed "<name> changed alignment." message.
    -Changed "Waiting" to "Searching" and fixed the dots to use periods instead of the Japanese dot.
    -Expanded Bar window and options ("Add Member", "Remove Member").
    -Expanded Inn option ("Pool Gold")
    -Expanded Camp window ("Inspect Member", "Reorder Party", "Use Ability", "AbilityList", "Pool Gold")
    -Expanded Main Menu options ("Search", "Open Door", "Pick Lock", "Party Search")
    -Expanded Training Hall option ("Equipment")
    -Fixed Training Hall "Roll" counter (may or may not fix bug with random symbols appearing)
    -Fixed Button Config screen random jumble.
    -Changed chest looting messages to "<name> takes <item>!"
    -Changed message to "An Encounter!"
    -Trimmed leading and trailing spaces for some messages so they would center correctly.
    -Fixed typos for "Elvan Chain & Bandir Reader, & what was in the spell descriptions".
    -Redid all spell descriptions with corrected line breaks.
    -Discovered bard instrument actions weren't done and fixed them.
    -Added a header to the ROM after patching with a correct checksum.

    Version 1.0
    - Too many to list.. Lots of fixes done! Endings are all verified & done!

    Version 1.01
    - GamerHenky found that the race descriptions for Gnome and Hobbit are reversed.

    Version 1.02 (Corrections done by GamerHengki)
    - But it's equpped. > It is equipped. (Can't fit more)
    - Enemies/NPC/Boss renamed
    -Diamond Knight > KnightofDiamonds (special squishy "of")
    -Yuria > Yulia (Everything)
    -Shugen Rama > Shugen (excluded his surname due to line breaking when casting Nobais on him)
    -<space>Hobgoblin > Hobgoblin
    -Otuyusama > Otsuyusama (おつゆさま)
    -I am known as Genrou. I am a hawker. > I am known as Gengorou. A hawker. (げんごろう)
    - Dialogue line changes
    La... in... > Ra... n...
    Diromato. > Diromat!
    Fufufu > Hahaha
    - Kandi/Nosbadi locations renamed
    Tower of > Towerof (special squishy "of")
    Final Labyrinth > Demonic World
    Dalia's Tower > Sanctuary
    - Most CAPS are all in case sensitive. This includes:
    CURSED!! > Cursed!!

    -All spell names to now match from Wizardry I & II NES, Wizardry V SNES, and Dimguil for PSX (Except for Matokani to Makanito, despite the spell works similarly and related to each other, it's however according in Gaiden IV Japanese language literally spelled as マトカニ which is an anagram of マカニト)
    - Revised text lines related to Training Grounds
    The Labyrinth > Entrance
    Enter the labyrinth? > Do you want to enter?
    - Minor edit for battle related text
    Cancel > Take Back

    To do left I'm unable to fix:
    - Upon casting Ihalon, one of the choices for "Increase Luck" shows up broken as "Increase ll"
    - "became younger" and "gained Strength!" needs to be re-pointered to compensate 8-letter longer character names
    - Game freezing when a lot of Wriggling Objects (Ants) keeps defending plus any enemies (either party member and/or enemies) overuses REA and QUA-based alchemist spells. May often happen when soloing in battle
    - The enemy "Muse" when trying to attack players still freezes the game (most likely due to weapon/spell/instrument pointer issues)


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