Wizardry Empire 1.03

English Translation

  1. MrRichard999
    Here is a full English translation for Wizardry Empire for the Game Boy Color. Everything in the game has been translated!

    Also this version of Wizardry Empire is completely different than the PlayStation/PC version as it is an entirely different story and scenario.

    Contributor Type of contribution Listed credit
    MrRichard999 Hacking Project lead & hacking.
    AgentOrange Translation Translation work.
    Helly Translation Translation Work.
    Mark Patraw Translation Translation of items/enemies/spells.
    pacnsacdave Graphics Redesign of title screen.
    rainponcho Hacking Critical updates and fixes to the project.
    Hengki Kusuma Adi Script Editing/Revision Script Revision/Extensive Testing and Bug Finding.
    Demilich Script Editing/Revision Script Revisions & Testing
    paintmyproblem Hacking Fixed critical dungeon character recruitment

    ROM / ISO Information:
    • Wizardry Empire (Japan) (Rev A).gbc - NOINTRO
    • CRC32: FA82620F
    • MD5: FCF910E4D2F27BAB40244EB7BF4AA2D3
    • SHA-1: F5F4E8BEAD0FE45075141133A530A0EB116EA78C
    • SHA-256: CD7F00D398BF30C3302CB814CB849761CAA8AA0183BA7B4460677EC98D7F1472


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