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Wing Runner v0.8

Instructions:The game is simple, just fly for as long as you canwithout your shields reaching 0.If you hit a wall you lose 1 point from your shield,if you hit another obstacle, its 5 points.Power-Ups.There are a few things to pick-up along the way...Money - This will give you more points.Heart - More armor.Battery - More ammunition.Then there is the box with the green on it, these boxesmay contain:Widen - Make the wall move apart further.Narrow - Brings the walls in closer.Speed Up - Makes the level move Faster.Slow Dowm - Makes the level move Slower.Nuke - Destroys all enemys/obstacles on the screen.Bridge - Creates a bridge blocking your way...You get 1 point for every 5 cells you move past in a level.

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