Windows Lockscreen Image Extractor

Windows Lockscreen Image Extractor 1.0


  1. I have uploaded this tool before the XenForo upgrade, it was taken down due to false positives that the old site had issues with. Now I am uploading this again.

    This tool simply lets you have the original .jpg files of the images that appear on your lockscreen, where you sign in to a user account. Inspired by the beautiful pictures that get cycled through, I found out how to find them through a guide on the internet. Finding myself doing that cumbersome process millions of times, I created a script to automate it, and the two executables in the .zip file is the result of this.

  2. You have two choices, Automatic, or Manual. The only difference is in Manual you choose which folder to save the images to, but in Automatic it creates its own folder on the Desktop. So Automatic is faster, but Manual you have more choice.
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Reuploaded due to issues being an .exe and false positives during the previous GBAtemp style.
Tested on Windows 11, still works.
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