Windows 10 Lock Screen Images Extractor 2021-06-05

A simple executable that allows you to save the wallpapers Windows 10 gets on the lock screen.

  1. templeofhylia
    Version: 2021-06-05
    literally perfect!
  2. D34DL1N3R
    Version: 2021-06-05
    I give it an average, as a person can just place a shortcut to the images on their desktop (or wherever) and add .jpg to the end of the files for the same result. No remembering locations or using the command prompt is necessary. Although I guess it's a decent little app for those who aren't very PC literate at all. :)
    1. Jiehfeng
      Author's Response
      Thanks. :)

      I wouldn't have made this if making a shortcut is all that's needed, you still need to find which files are the lock screen images as they're among other unnecessary files.

      You could sort by the files by size and add .jpg to the biggest ones yes. But in any case I thought this would make that process happen as quickly as possible without any trial and error if you didn't come across the right file. Even if you find the right ones you need to rename each file, there's like 6 or so images so it takes some time.

      So yeah, even so doing this on your own won't take much time, but this makes it an almost instant thing which I found to be helpful as I do this often. :)