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Wiiscrubber Kit with multiloader 1.40

This is an updated Wiiscrubber that fixes a few bugs and adds a few features.

What's new?

1. ticket.bin is displayed under the partition.bin breakout
2. cert.bin and tmd.bin can now be different sizes
3. Extra button for Trimming an ISO - this makes an ISO slightly larger than the indicated data size - USES TRUCHA
4. Confirmation window on Shrinking partition
5. Proper Korean key support so can open and scrub/trim/extract/replace Korean ISOs
7. Deleted the 'force Wii' option as I followed the advice of Marcan
8.Partition support corrected due to a Wii limitation on Primary partition (you can only have
three partitions in the primary. To paraphrase Star Wars "Many verbatims died to bring you this information").
9.Can save/load/import crypted partitions making replacement much quicker
10.Full 4 partition offset support
11.Partition titles displayed in the window.

In other words you can easily create a multipartition disc. AKA a multiboot.

Companion software:
1. Makewiikeybin. exe - makes a key.bin file for you. Does not contain the actual key but generates it from
a simple algorithm. - Decided to remove this from the pack due to some twittering. See links for possible
solution - I also recommend hexd.exe. Version 1.1 also generates the Korean kkey.bin.
2. PartitionBuilder - allows you to generate a partition file that can be loaded via wiiscrubber. This
means you can now generate an entire partition from a directory of files. So rather than changing one at
a time you can extract an entire partition, change whatever files you want and then rebuild.
3. Partition.bin changer - allows you to view/modify the ticket, tmd, certs and h3.bin in one simple editing package
Allows trucha signing of ticket and tmd
4. HBC Multiboot file, based on SoftChip, that allows you to select which partition to boot from. i.e. A multiISO loader

Bug Fixes:
1. You can actually load/replace partition.bin again - this was broken in the 1.30 to 1.31 update
2. Shrink partition works correctly now - incorrect size was being copied down - OOOPS.
3. Can change the bootmode of unusually defined boot mode discs
4. Partitions now start on a 0x20000 boundary as the Wii seems to like them that way
5. Partitions in the second partition table now show correctly
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