Wiimmfi Patcher Channel 0.7.5


  1. Codemastershock
    I created a version of the wiimmfi patcher on a channel (not forwarder).
    I did this because I have a console which is working but it freezes anytime when a sd card or usb drive is connected, so using the original patcher through homebrew channel wouldnt work reliably.
    This channel is intended to work and to take as less time and space to install as possible (it only takes 9 blocks), so the banner is very, very simplistic.
    Other advantage is that, I still use a very old version of USBGX on my main console because of emunand. The new version makes emunand stop working on my physical disks and I cant make images from them because I dont have a big enough usb drive to store as many games as I want (and for me, using the discs is not a problem since I have some spare Wii disc drives). Installing this channel on my emunand and starting on sneek mode I can use emulated NAND and play online without having to update the entire loader.

    It was created using customizemii with the options set to ios 58 and waninkoko dol loader if somehow a update is released and this stops to work. (or if someone cares to make a prettier version of it)

    I hope it can be useful for someone.
    Change log:
    Based on 0.7.5 autowiimmfipatcher