WiiColEm 0.4-SNAPSHOT-202110151451

WiiColEm is a port of the ColEm ColecoVision emulator developed by Marat Fayzullin.

  • Super Game Module (SGM) compatibility
  • Multiple video modes (240p, GX+VI, GX)
  • Support for driving, roller, and super action controllers
  • Tilt-based (Wiimote) driving support
  • Cartridge database w/ recommended controller settings and keypad descriptions for most commercial cartridges
  • Cartridge keypad overlays
  • Per-cartridge button mappings

To install WiiColEm, simply extract the zip file directly to your SD card or USB device (retain the hierarchical structure exactly).

Cartridge Database
WiiColem ships with a database that contains recommended settings for most commercial cartridges. These settings cover controls mappings, keypad overlays, keypad button descriptions, and advanced settings (whether the cartridge requires an EEPROM, SRAM, etc.).

To view/edit the settings applied for a particular cartridge perform the following steps:
  • Load the cartridge (via the "Load cartridge" menu item)
  • Return to the WiiColEm menu
  • Select "Cartridge-specific settings" menu item
  • Examine the "Control settings" and "Advanced" settings for the cartridge
For more information on mapping controls and creating and/or customizing cartridge settings, see the "Cartridge Settings" section.

More info at https://github.com/raz0red/wiicolem

Wii port by @raz0red

Reuploaded by @SaulFabre
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